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剧情介绍:  Novelist Larry Donner (Billy Crystal) struggles with writer's block due to his resentment towards his ex-wife Margaret (Kate Mulgrew), who stole his book and garnered mainstream success and critical acclaim with it. Owen Lift (Danny DeVito) is a timid, middle-aged man who still lives with his overbearing, abusive mother (Anne Ramsey). Owen fantasizes of killing his mother but can't summon the courage to bring his desires into fruition. As a student in Larry's community college writing class, Owen is given advice by Larry to view an Alfred Hitchcock film to gain some insight into plot development. He sees Strangers on a Train, in which two strangers conspire to commit a murder for each other, figuring their lack of connection to the victim will, in theory, establish a perfect alibi. Having overheard Larry's public rant that he wish his ex-wife dead, Owen forms a plan to kill Margaret, believing that Larry will respond by killing his mother.  He tracks Margaret down to Hawaii and follows her onto a cruise ship, apparently pushing her overboard while she tries to retrieve an earring that fell out. Owen returns from Hawaii to tell Larry of Margaret's death and that Larry now "owes" him the murder of his mother, lest he inform the police Larry was the killer. After having spent the night drinking alone during the hours of Margaret's disappearance, Larry panics because he lacks a sufficient alibi. That, along with a news report announcing the police suspect foul play, convinces Larry he's the prime suspect. He decides to stay with Owen and his mother in an attempt to hide from the police. Larry meets Mrs. Lift, but despite her harsh treatment of him he refuses to kill her. Eventually, when Mrs. Lift drives Owen to the breaking point, Larry finally relents and agrees to go through with the murder.  After two unsuccessful attempts, Larry flees the Lift home when Mrs. Lift recognizes him as a suspect from a news broadcast about his ex-wife's disappearance. He boards a train to Mexico and, surprisingly, Owen and Mrs. Lift come along so as to avoid having to lie for him. During the journey, Larry's patience with Mrs. Lift reaches its pinnacle when she impolitely gives him advice on writing. He follows her to the caboose with the intent of throwing her from the train, but stops short when she almost falls off on her own. Owen begins having second thoughts about having his mother killed and comes to help Larry rescue her. Mrs. Lift is grateful at her son for saving her, but unappreciative of Larry's help and kicks him, resulting in him losing his balance, landing on the tracks, and breaking his leg.  During his recovery in the hospital, Larry discovers Margaret is still alive; she simply fell overboard by accident and was rescued by a Polynesian fisherman whom she has decided to marry. Much to his annoyance, Larry learns Margaret plans to sell the rights of her ordeal for .5 million dollars. On the advice of a fellow patient, Larry chooses to free himself of his obsession with his ex-wife and instead focus on his own life, thereby freeing him of his writer's block.  A year later, Larry has finished a novel based on his experiences with Owen and Mrs. Lift entitled Throw Momma from the Train. Owen visits and informs him that his mother has died (of natural causes) and that he's going to New York City for the release of his own book. Unfortunately, Owen reveals his book is also about their experiences together. Thinking his book has been scooped, an enraged Larry proceeds to strangle him, but stops when Owen shows him the book is a children's pop-up book called, Momma, Owen, and Owen's Friend Larry with the story drastically altered to be suitable for children. Months later, Larry, Owen, and Larry's girlfriend Beth (Kim Greist) vacation together in Hawaii, reflecting on the final chapter of Larry's book. Larry and Owen's books have now become best-sellers, making them both successful writers as well as close friends.
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剧情介绍:  6 out of 7 people found the following comment useful.  A brilliant and outragously funny satire of society, 7 December 1999  Author: Dave Joerg (joerd000@mail.zdv.uni-mainz.de)  "Flodder" is one of the funniest movies ever made and few people realise that it is a Dutch movie made by none other than the Holland version of John Carpenter, the famous Dick Maas, author and director of the thriller "Amsterdamned". The Flodder family is the reincarnation of the term a-social. When the whole family bunch, basically all bastards, criminals and sluts must be relocated from their City slum because of toxic waste under their house, the city council house no choice. The only available space is in the "Zoendal" - the "Sun Valley" the best area in Amsterdam where all doctors, snobs and businessmen can afford to live their lives. And where the central point of interest and politics is the tennis club of the community. The Flodder family brings devastation to the tranquil world that ruled before. They are simply unbelievable. The characterisation is incredibly funny, beginning with Ma Flodder who searches other people's trash cans for food or making illegal liquor in her cellar and ending with the eldest daughter who is the biggest slut on earth. Together they make the most horrible family imaginable, a sort of immoral mirror image to the Brady Bunch or the Waltons. When the City counsel of Amsterdam hoped that the Flodders would show their good will to be more civilised in their new area, it turns out that Holland's most famous family would rather bring out the worst in the rich people of "Sun Valley"-wonderland. The rest is a hilarious, brilliant and well made social satire that can be watched as a provocative movie as well as a straightforward comedy. Dick Maas at his best. I salute him! Flooder was the Dutch smash hit in 1986 and brought two sequels and a tv series. All of the sequels were nice but not as great as the original.  Flodders (1986) is available on DVD in Germany in a dubbed German version in Dolby Digital 5.1. under the name:  "Flodders -Eine Familie zum knutschen"  Why is First Floor Features, the producer of the movie not bringing the Dick Maas blockbusters out on DVD in the Netherlands, I wonder. The are not even available on video there. These movies have so much potential, still to this day and have a huge silent but true following.
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剧情介绍:  官方:  由“泰山"电影公司出品,韦.阿姆斯壮执导。讲述赛车手山提及好友艾迪在一次运送偷车途中被陷害,他成了杀艾迪的凶手,被捕入狱。在押送期间,他成功逃掉,偷了一辆汽车并挟持一名女子丽坦作为人质,一路上被警车追捕,后来更成功摆脱了警方,驶至一所专收藏名贵失车的货仓,与仓内的人进行了一场激战。山提欲引出偷车集团的幕后首脑,竟无意中发现原来这一切全是现任探长所为,他亦是杀死艾迪的真凶。本片的故事情节还是沿用了传统的模式,但在打斗方面亦有精彩的演出。  我的:  Santee (杜夫朗格Dolph Lundgren饰)出生在警察世家,父亲兄弟都是出色的警察,而他却是一个沙漠中的货车司机。一次,他的一个朋友和他还有一个警察运非法物品,途中被包括Franklin在内的两个警察高官所截,他们杀了Santee的朋友和警察,并诬陷在Santee身上。Sandy16岁起跟着Franklin“工作”,所以他知道Franklin的所有恶行。  Santee在转狱途中逃脱了并到镇上的小旅馆劫持了女警察Rita及她的车(她的男友亦是警察),他们弃车后来到了一惯犯老头的农场,酒足饭饱后找到了被杀朋友的妻儿,Santee还去了Franklin的家找其妻,让Franklin大为无奈。  Santee约出一个大坏蛋——导私车的Jimmy((好像)他和Franklin勾结陷害Santee),Santee只身杀死了所有他的人,让警察颇感震惊。他们逃进了Joshua树林,Rita明白了事情的原委,并与Santee擦出了爱的火花,可她也和Santee一并被列入了通缉的名单。  警察设了重重路障,却依然让Santee在他们眼皮底下“逃”走,事实上,某种程度上警察们根本不是他的对手。只有两高官的车跟上了Santee,但警察们早已堵死了出那片沙漠地区的唯一出口,显然两高官想杀Santee灭口,他们火拼了起来(?).......结果可想而知。  另一方面警察Tommy在Jimmy的私车仓库看到了录像,证明两高官杀死了Rita的男友,因为他也知道了真相。  最终Franklin被绳之以法。
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剧情介绍:  UCLA college student Jonathan Moore (Anthony Edwards) is playing a game called "Gotcha" (popular on mid-1980s college campuses as "Assassin" or "Tag"), wherein the players are all assigned a mock "hit" on another player by use of a harmless paintball gun. Moore and his apartment roommate Manolo go on a vacation to Paris, France. After touring some of Paris, in a cafe Moore meets Sasha Banicek (Linda Fiorentino), a Czechoslovakian girl. Eventually, Jonathan has intercourse with Sasha, losing his virginity.  Jonathan decides to leave Manolo (who is heading to Spain) and go with Sasha to West Berlin to spend more time with her. Jonathan believes that he is in love with Sasha. There, Jonathan and Sasha continue to have sex and even go to an Oktoberfest beer gathering. One night, Sasha tells Jonathan that she has to go to East Berlin to pick up a package. One night after arriving in East Berlin, Sasha leaves their hotel room and walks to dark street corner. There, Sasha meets a German man who tells her the location of the pickup of her package. Meanwhile, Sasha was being monitored by a Soviet agent, who was sitting in a car at a distance. During the day, Sasha tells Jonathan that if she gives him a certain message, it means that he has to leave East Berlin immediately. At a cafe, Sasha gives Jonathan a package and says that a strudel is inside. A little later, Sasha tells Jonathan to meet her at the butcher shop near their hotel. All of a sudden, a Soviet agent begins to chase after Sasha. Sasha decides to use Jonathan (who is holding her package) to unknowingly get the package over to West Berlin. Meanwhile, Sasha is taken by the Soviet agent and East German secret police.  Jonathan goes to Checkpoint Charlie to cross the heavily fortified border into West Berlin. At the East German customs search, Jonathan is stripped of his clothes and given a cavity search. Meanwhile, Sasha is stripped and searched for possible espionage evidence. Vlad arrives at the border crossing to search for Jonathan, however Jonathan passes the border safely before he can be captured. Once in West Berlin, Jonathan feels liberated by the Westernized society. In the hotel, Jonathan receives a message from Sasha to meet him at a specified location. Jonathan finds out that his hotel room was broken into and robbed of his traveler's checks. Soviet agents eventually find Jonathan in West Berlin and chase him throughout a public park. Jonathan jumps into a water canal and manages to escape from the Soviets and stumbles upon a German rock group headed for Hamburg, who offer him a ride to the airport.  The rock group successfully get Jonathan to the airport (using full-face makeup to sneak him past a checkpoint) and Jonathan finally arrives in Los Angeles Tom Bradley International Airport and to his apartment. Soon, Vlad and a band of Soviet agents arrive too in Los Angeles. Once home, Jonathan stumbles upon a film canister, which was planted by Sasha. Jonathan visits his parents and tells them what happened in Germany but they cannot believe a word of it and think Jonathan is on drugs. Jonathan decides to call the FBI then the Central Intelligence Agency for help. Jonathan returns to find his apartment broken into and looted.  The CIA officer tells Jonathan to give them the photo film canister. At the Los Angeles headquarters of the CIA, Jonathan spots Sasha who looks like she was working there. Jonathan eventually meets up with Sasha. Sasha admits that she is Cheryl Brewster, a CIA agent, originally from Pittsburgh. Out of nowhere, Vlad and his gang begin to chase Jonathan and Cheryl on the UCLA campus. Jonathan eliminates all the Soviets with a tranquilizer gun which he gets from the campus veterinary sciences building. The Soviets are arrested, the CIA agents thank Jonathan for his (indirect) help in obtaining the film, and Sasha tells him she wants to continue their relationship.  After they part, Jonathan talks to a pretty student who rebuffs him coldly. As she walks away, he aims the tranquilizer pistol and shoots her in the rear.